7th Annual Pumps PumpTec-Israel Training Seminar and Exhibits

June 27-29, 2017, Israel  

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 Presented by:

Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E.

sponsored by:

pumping_machinery.jpg PEMini  Sealco Engineering Ltd.  


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 Program Objective: to provide Plant Maintenance, Reliability and Engineering professionals working with pumps with a “rapid-deployment” -  hands-on training exercises, specifically designed to reinforce pump theory, applications and pump repair and maintenance techniques. Industries involved: power generation, water and wastewater, chemical and petrochemical plants, hydrocarbon processing, paper mills, marine and navy, and general industries. Practical and pragmatic training for a pump novice, and an excellent refresher for the old-timers. Your specific questions (emailed, received and processed during the year will be also answered at the Conference!)


Training site and directions: Sealco Engineering Ltd: Morad Hateena 19,  Moshav Yanuv 42825


Day 1 (Basics)

8:00 – 8:30: Kabala Panimקבלת פנים 


8:30 - 9:30: Pump Fundamentals Overview (how much did you forget?)

  *   "Discharge Side": Performance (flow - head - power - efficiency)

  *   "Suction Side": cavitation, NPSHA/NPSHR, recirculation, damage minimization efforts


9:30 - 11:00: Hands-on exercise (roll up your sleeves!)

   *  disassembly and reassembly of a centrifugal pump

   *  mechanical seals: component design versus cartridge (do you (still) remember how to actually set the spring tension?)

   *  setting proper impeller clearances and the energy/efficiency penalty on incorrect clearances ("how much?")

   *  bearings and lubrication: oil, grease, forced lubrication, oil mist - which is best, most practical, ("it depends") ?


11:00 - 12:00: Live test of a centrifugal pump - one pump versus two pumps in parallel (will the flow double?)

  *   generate actual pump curve and review operation of two pumps in parallel


12:00 – 13:00: lunch   ארוחת צהריים


13:00 – 15:00: PREMS-2A (Pumps Reliability and Efficiency/Energy Monitoring System setup and operation

  *  on-line continuous monitoring of pump performance (actual live versus expected (OEM) curves, and vibrations/temperatures monitoring including spectral analysis FFT

  *  hardware, software, probes (transducers, ultrasonic flow metering, CT transformers for power, accelerometers, connections, and local/direct display versus internet connection options)


15:00 – 15:30: Solving YOUR specific problem - in class (come prepared: bring a photo and a sectional drawing of your pump, performance, and a problem description)


15:30 - 16:00:  Pump Types and Specifications

  *  ANSI and ISO

  *  API-610

  *  PIP

  *  HI


Day 2 (Advanced)

8:00 – 10:00: Detailed example of a system - friction losses, elevation head, pipe size variations - class exercise


10:00 – 12:00: Pump Operating Point (POP) and Best Efficiency Point (BEP) - why are they not the same?

  *  overlay of the pump performance (derived in Day 1 at pump live test) over the system curve obtained in this exercise

  *  efficiency prediction computer program


12:00 – 13:00: lunch   ארוחת צהריים


13:00 – 15:00: Performance modification methods - class exercises (actual example)

  *  Affinity Laws (impeller trim, VFD speed change, customized impeller redesign (within the same casing)

  *  Hands-on efficiency testing of a centrifugal pump (to compare versus PREMS automated test at Day 1)


15:00 – 16:00: NPSHR versus minimum submergence (cavitation versus air entrainment) - which is more problematic or damaging?


Day 3 (Specialized)


8:00 – 9:00: Vibration analysis presentation using a multi-channel analyzer for live demo

3-channel analyzer shows live Acceleration (g), Velocity (V) and Displacement (D), in both time trace and frequency FFT live signatures: compact data acquisition hardware, software, 3 accelerometers (probes), and a PC computer - complete system presentation for immediate live data acquisition and analysis applications


9:00 – 10:30: hands-on exercise: field balancing of rotors (finding location and magnitude of the unbalance, and applying trial weights method to compensate and balance)


10:30 – 12:00, Pumps Reliability and troubleshooting aspects


12:00 – 13:00: lunch   ארוחת צהריים


13:00 – 19:00: Live troubleshooting of a pump at a live plant installation (advanced signup and hosting company clearance will be required for interested attendees)




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PumpTec-Israel-2017 Advisory Committee:


*  Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., Pumping Machinery, Pump-Tec Conference Chairman

*  Michael Benjamin, Mekorot

*  Michael Bixon, Israeli Electric Power Company (Hevrat Hashmal)

*  Mario Berman, Israel Electric Corporation (Hevrat Hashmal)

*  Jim Brennan, Colfax Pumps Corporation – USA/Europe

*  Eli Bronstein, business and government interactions, former Meir, Dimona

*  Maty De-Haas, Berlin Technologies

*  George Dumitrescu, Hagihon Water Jerusalem – Israel

*  Rasmus Dorrington, Colonial Pipeline – USA

*  Alexander Feldman, Trubostal Piping Corporation – Ukraine

*  Bill Flavelle, Roper Pump – USA

     Shai Goldman, Sealco Company - Vice Chair, PumpTec-Israel

*  Shimon Goldman, former Dead Sea Works

*  Oscar Heinhorn, Enercom Engineering, Ltd.

*  Sergiu Hollinger, Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Kazaa

*  Mike Homer, Clyde-Union Pumps - UK

*  Grigory Komarenko, Gasprom Zinger - Russia

*  Amnon Krigel, Mondi Hadera Paper

*  Israel Lev, Paz Refinery - API topics, Israel

*  John Martin, Safety Consultant – USA

*  Rich Owens, Vogelsang Rotary Pumps – Germany

*  Andrew Peers, Pump Engineer magazine / KCI-World, Europe

*  David Peled, Israel Electric Corporation (Hevrat Hashmal)

*  Roie Rasiuk,  Gal Industries - Israel

*  Moshe Rozenbloom, Polak Brothers

*  David Satran, Hamechadesh Industries, Pump Manufacturer, Repairs and Upgrades - Israel

*  Michael Sheingard, Hamechadesh - Israel Institute of Standards

*  Amnon Sharon, Hadera Paper Development and Infrastructure

*  Hiram Tanner, DC WASA Municipalities, Water and Wastewater Treatment – USA

*  Bezalel Taitz, Hamechadesh Industries, Pump Manufacturer, Repairs and Upgrades - Israel

*  Harry Urban, Water and Wastewater Digest magazine - USA

*  Menahem Weiss, Dead Sea Works

*  Steve Young, MRC/SKF Bearings – USA


To register:

(download) Registration Form (Note: cost also includes (1) additional consulting day in the field at your site to troubleshoot your worst pump) 

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PumpTec-Israel-2017 Conference Registration Fees: (direct transfer, advanced cash or credit card)


Attendees:  [Day 1: 400 NIS]   /   [Day 2: 600 NIS]   /  [Day 3: 800 NIS]   /   [All three days package: 1500]

                        [Day 1: $100]       /   [Day 2: $150]       /   [Day 3: $200]       /    [All three days package: $400]

Note on reduced fee: if registered before (90) days of event - special 25% discounted price if referenced as a new contact by Sealco (note Sealco contact name on your registration form)


Display tabletop: 1000 NIS

Presenter: 3000 NIS

Presenter (if qualified and approved by the Advisory Committee) + Display: 5000 NIS

Logo on PumpTec web site: 1000 NIS

Promoter free tabletop (with a proof of 5 attendees to come via direct reference to promoter on their Registration Form):


For more information on location, fees, display opportunities, or any other questions to the Advisory Committee, contact Dr. L. Nelik, P.E., at:


Lev Nelik, Ph.D., P.E.

President and Technical Director

Pumping Machinery, LLC

PumpTec Conference Chairman, Pumps Efficiency Standards Section

+972-50-865-0451 (Israel)

+1-770-310-0866 (USA)



We look forward to see you at the conference!