5th Annual Pumps Hands-On, Maintenance, Energy, and Reliability

PumpTec-Israel Conference, Training Seminar and Exhibit

December 10, 2014, Tel Aviv






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Conference for engineering, maintenance, operating and management professionals from: Water and Wastewater municipalities, Power Plants, Chemical Plants, HVAC, Pulp and Paper mills, and General pump-related affiliations.






Program Objective: to provide Plant Maintenance, Reliability and Engineering professionals working with pumps with a “rapid-deployment” -  hands-on training exercises, specifically designed to reinforce pump theory, applications and pump repair and maintenance techniques. Industries involved: power generation, water and wastewater, chemical and petrochemical plants, hydrocarbon processing, paper mills, marine and navy, and general industries. Practical and pragmatic training for a pump novice, and an excellent refresher for the old-timers. Your specific questions (emailed, received and processed during the year – will be answered at the Conference!)


(We also present at an earlier pre-conference session (2 hours) during Electricity-2014 (see agenda at Energy/Efficiency session during:  )


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


9:00 – 11:15:  Session #1 Centrifugal Pumps, Chair: Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., Pumping Machinery, LLC

*        Hydraulics, performance curves (flow, head, power, NPSH, efficiency) and pump design methods to improve operation and save energy

o   Effect on pump performance by VFD speed control – Affinity Laws – via actual example

·        Suction side - Nss and Suction Energy as criteria for selecting major, important (critical), and high flow turbine pumps – why pumps fail due to high Suction Energy

o   Design effects on performance and NPSH, cavitation and suction recirculation issues

·        International Efficiency Standards comparison: US -  Europe - Israel

·        Focus on Efficiency and Energy Savings – live test of a single pump and two pumps in parallel operation: construction of head-capacity, power, and efficiency curves

·        Mechanical and structural considerations

·        Materials of construction for power plant pumps to extend wear life of wear rings: 410ss, 420FF, Stellite, Laser Treatment, and other methods

·        Installations and Systems issues, with troubleshooting methods




11:30 – 13:00:  Session #2 Testing of Live Pumps – single centrifugal, two pumps in parallel, Chair: Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., Pumping Machinery, LLC

·        Hands-on work: re-assembly of a live pump

·        Pump performance live testing

·        Mechanical Seals and Packings – why and when



14:00 – 15:30 Session #3: Alignment and Balancing - Chair: Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., Pumping Machinery, LLC

·        Hands-on exercise of field balancing of the rotors by trial weight method

·        Motor-to-pump alignment effect on motor operation – hands-on alignment exercise

·        Piping alignment procedure

·        Overall vibration level limits versus FFT spectral analysis; interpretation of amplitude-frequency versus amplitude-time wave form



16:00 – 17:00: Session #4 “Field Case Study – Problem Solving Example and Troubleshooting of a large vertical pump suction problem” – Chair: Michael Benjamin, Mekorot

IMG_0415.JPG bladecav DSCF4891.JPG IMG_0411.JPG


17:00 – 18:00 Session #5: - Dedicated to Answering (Any!) of Your Specific Questions emailed to us during the year Chair: Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., Pumping Machinery, LLC


Note: Start collecting from your plant(s) pump problems! - Email your questions during the 2014 – they will be posted and answered (with detailed solutions) at this session!

see growing “List of Questions” below:

Dr. Nelik, can you –


1. Please explain (with a specific detailed example, including a diagram, system sketch, and calculations details) why our 10” centrifugal pump controlled by a VFD has not achieved the promised energy savings we expected? We are moving approximately 900 m3/hr uphill (nearly 200 meters elevation) over a 3 km distance.

2.  Last year, during the class field balancing exercise we did in class using trial weights, we pinpointed a location of the unbalance – but not its magnitude (weight) – can you get this covered in more detail next year?

3. We would like to see a specific example of applying pump Affinity Laws to determine the impeller diameter trim, and then accuracy of this method as compared to the speed change (why is that affinity laws are exact for the speed change, but only approximate for the impeller cut?)

4. We need to better understand how to measure pump efficiency in the field, and what is the best expected accuracy?

5….. (your question)

6….. (your question)


PumpTec-Israel-2014 Conference Registration Fees: 800 NIS (if by company purchase orders) 400 NIS (if by cash, check, or credit card)

Become a Sponsor - an excellent opportunity to get attention to your company and products using one or more of the following options:

* Have a booth (2000 NIS - GOLD) or a tabletop: (1000 NIS - SILVER)

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For more information, location, hotel, fees, display opportunities, or any other questions to the Advisory Committee, contact Dr. L. Nelik, P.E., at:



Phone: +972-54-579-4711 (Israel) / or +1-770-310-0866 (USA)


PumpTec-Israel-2014 Advisory Committee:


*  Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., Pumping Machinery, Pump-Tec Conference Chairman

*  Michael Benjamin, Mekorot

*  Michael Bixon, Israeli Electric Power Company (Hevrat Hashmal)

*  Mario Berman, Israel Electric Corporation (Hevrat Hashmal)

*  Jim Brennan, Colfax Pumps Corporation – USA/Europe

*  Eli Bronstein, business and government interactions, former Meir, Dimona

*  Maty De-Haas, Berlin Technologies

*  George Dumitrescu, Hagihon Water Jerusalem – Israel

*  Rasmus Dorrington, Colonial Pipeline – USA

*  Alexander Feldman, Trubostal Piping Corporation – Ukraine

*  Bill Flavelle, Roper Pump – USA

*  Shimon Goldman, Dead Sea Works

*  Oscar Heinhorn, Enercom Engineering, Ltd.

*  Sergiu Hollinger, Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Kazaa

*  Mike Homer, Clyde-Union Pumps - UK

*  Grigory Komarenko, Gasprom Zinger - Russia

*  Amnon Krigel, Mondi Hadera Paper

*  Israel Lev, Paz Refinery

*  John Martin, Safety Consultant – USA

*  Rich Owens, Vogelsang Rotary Pumps – Germany

*  Andrew Peers, Pump Engineer magazine / KCI-World, Europe

*  David Peled, Israel Electric Corporation (Hevrat Hashmal)

*  Roie Rasiuk,  Gal Industries - Israel

*  Moshe Rozenbloom, Polak Brothers

*  David Satran, Hamechadesh Industries, Pump Manufacturer, Repairs and Upgrades - Israel

*  Amnon Sharon, Hadera Paper Development and Infrastructure

*  Hiram Tanner, DC WASA Municipalities, Water and Wastewater Treatment – USA

*  Bezalel Taitz, Hamechadesh Industries, Pump Manufacturer, Repairs and Upgrades - Israel

*  Harry Urban, Water and Wastewater Digest magazine - USA

*  Menahem Weiss, Dead Sea Works

*  Steve Young, MRC/SKF Bearings – USA

*  Michael Zoochovitzky, Hamechadesh Industries, Pump Manufacturer, Repairs and Upgrades - Israel