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 (5th Annual Pumps Theory-and-Hands-on Maintenance and Reliability Conference)

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Sponsored and Organized by Scranton Gillette’s Water & Wastes Digest and the U.S. Technology Center of Pumping Machinery

in consortium with leading pumps’ and pump-related equipment manufacturers and suppliers


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Conference for engineering, maintenance, operating and management professionals from: Water and Wastewater municipalities, Power Plants, Chemical Plants, HVAC, Pulp and Paper mills, and General pump-related affiliations.


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

September 14-15, 2009

Location: Holiday Inn, 6050 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30071, hotel tel. 770-448-4400





· Training on a variety of pump types, styles and makes

· Technical, lots of hands-on, and busy

· See the pumps at the internals, attend hands-on training sessions

· Assemble pumps, learn pumps troubleshooting methods

· Equipment reliability improvement techniques and life extension

· Efficiency improvements and energy savings methods

· Gain new skills, and leave having gained real knowledge, ready to implement at your facility and in your career

· 1.6 Continual Education Units (CEU) and a Pump Training Certificate of Attendance


Program Objective: to provide Plant Maintenance, Reliability and Engineering professionals working with pumps with a “rapid-deployment” -  hands-on training exercises, specifically designed to reinforce pump theory, applications and pump repair and maintenance techniques. Industries involved: power generation, water and wastewater, chemical and petrochemical plants, hydrocarbon processing, paper mills, marine and navy, and general industries. Practical and pragmatic training for a pump novice, and an excellent refresher for the old-timers.


Monday, September 14


8:15: Opening Address by Roy Barnes, DeKalb County, Watershed Management


8:30 – 11:30  Session #1 Centrifugal Pumps”:    

·        End-Suction (Lev Nelik, Pumping Machinery, LLC)

o   Theory and hands-on, re-assembly of single-stage end suction ANSI centrifugal pumps. Learn to read and interpret pump performance curves, head-capacity, efficiency, power, impeller trim effect on performance, affinity laws NPSH, cavitation/recirculation issues. Design features evaluation, applications, troubleshooting methods, performance testing of two sample pumps operating in parallel mode and plotting performance curves



·        Double-Suction (Brian Geegan, RuhrPumpen)

o   Hands-on re-assembly of a double suction horizontally split case centrifugal pump. Rotor assembly, design variations and effects on reliability


·        Verticals (Debra Ingram, RuhrPumpen, and Rick Mathis, Pumping Machinery, LLC)  

o   Open versus enclosed lineshaft designs; repair techniques and upgrades; cavitation how to avoid it and what to do about it if you can’t; reassembly of a small vertical pump and importance of impeller-to-case lift clearance for larger units; reverse engineering your pump installations for maximum reliability; bearing design configurations and materials for maximum reliability in “difficult” applications; OEM parts versus duplicates; materials selection for problem avoidance; common problems with vertical turbine pumps and what to do about them; sump design and submergence / turbulence considerations; register fits and clearances, lateral clearances and wear rings; foundation design and vibration how to reduce



11:30 – 1:00 Luncheon with a Tour:  a short tour of DeKalb County Municipality Raw Water Pump Stations: both the old (190 MGD) and the just getting on-line new (300 MGD). Attendees will enjoy a tour of two stations, to see the pumps, motors, controls and operation. One station was built in 1942 and other brand new. This station is about 3 miles from the Conference Site on Holcomb Bridge Road and the Chattahoochee River. Both pump stations have the same name: “John A Walker Memorial Pumping Station”. The original pump station was constructed in 1942 to allow DeKalb County to pump raw water from the Chattahoochee River to Scott Candler water plant. This station originally has 3 DeLaval Split case horizontal pumps; later in the early 1970’s three Peerless vertical turbine two stage 1750 HP pumps were added. Currently we are towards the end of the new pump station construction. The new station has many innovations including an automatic sand removal system, dual flow traveling screens and six 2750 HP Goulds Vertical Turbine 60 MGD pumps. John Walker was the Deputy Director of Plant Operations until October 2007 when he passed away at the age of 43. The station was subsequently named in his memory on November 7, 2008.  

Organized by the Advisory Committee member, Mr. Merat Zareii, DeKalb County Watershed Management




1:00 – 3:00 Session #2 Bearings and Lubrications (Steve Young, MRC / SKF Bearings and Roy Forson, Imerys Performance Minerals)       

  • Bearing failure modes (skidding, preload, overheating)
  • Lubrication methods (grease, oil, mist).
  • Fundamentals of Lubrication
  • How lubricants work
  • Additives and what they do
  • Oil Analysis and Interpretation
  • EHL (Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication) and why it is important to bearings and gears
  • Synthetic Lubrication
  • Proper lubrication of bearings and couplings
  • Storage and Handling of lubricants

http://www.pumpingmachinery.com/conference_2006/p1%20002.jpg    roy  NRice


3:00 – 6:00 Sessions #3 Alignment and Vibrations Fundamentals (Mike Keohane, VibrAlign, and John Visotsky, Chairman of Vibration Institute, Atlanta Chapter)

·        Fundamentals of alignment: straight edge, dial indicators, laser

·        Pumping-to-pump alignment

·        Motor-to-pump alignment

·        Overall vibration level limits versus FFT spectral analysis; interpretation of amplitude-frequency versus amplitude-time wave form

·        Field case examples


Tuesday, September 15


8:00 – 12:00: Session #4 Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps (Jim Brennan, IMO, Colfax Pump Group); Jim Siebolt, Alweiler, Colfax Pump Group); and John Petersen, Viking (IDEX Pump Group)

·        3-screw pumps

·        progressing cavity pumps,

·        gear pumps: applications

·        design feature comparison and hands-on assembly work; viscous versus thin-fluid pumping; reliability and troubleshooting procedures

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Luncheon Presentation (12:00 – 1:00):

The John Martin Story  - an Incredible Personal Story

John Martin, Maintenance & Engineering Training Coordinator, Equipment Reliability - Planning and Scheduling Practices and Impact on Safety

“My objective is to present ideas that change the way you think about safety” - John Martin


Studies have confirmed that there is a strong correlation between reactive maintenance and safety incidents. This presentation will discuss a case study on the importance of planning and scheduling work to avoid safety incidents. This is a true story about Attitudes, Behaviors & Consequences. John tells his story and shares the consequences of taking unnecessary risks on the job.


John Martin is a 35 year veteran of the construction and manufacturing industries. In 1984, John was seriously injured in an industrial accident and received chemical burns over 70% of his body and chemical burns to both eyes. Through medical technology and sheer determination, John has overcome his life changing injury. In recent years, John has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Work Place Education from Southern Illinois University. In 1998, John was selected to guide the mill-wide implementation of the Aubrey Daniels’ Behavioral Based Safety process. John has presented at major companies and conferences to include BIC Corp., Rock Tenn, International Paper, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Rohm and Haas, Colgate Palmolive, Behavioral Safety Now Conferences, Pulp and Paper Safety Association Conference, ASSE 2005 PDA in New Orleans, and the Mid South BBS Conference. His presentation topics include:

“Anatomy of an Accident/ THE JOHN MARTIN STORY”

“Moving Your Safety Process from a Reactive Program to a Preventive Process”

“Building Safety into Work Processes”

“Using Root Cause Analysis on Near-Miss Incidents


1:00 – 4:00 Session #5 “Mechanical Seals versus Seal-Less Pumps” Frank Huntington, John Crane Inc.

·        Overview of mechanical seals and packings; actual hands-on exercise of setting of a component seal and comparing with a cartridge seal assembly procedures

·        Mag-drive pumps

·        Canned-motor pumps


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To register and for more information:



For technical information, or questions to the Advisory Committee, contact Dr. L. Nelik, P.E., at:

Phone: 770-310-0866







PumpTec-2009 Advisory Committee:

*  Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., Pumping Machinery, LLC, Pump-Tec Conference Chairman

*  Danny Adams, Flygt Pumps – Submersible Pumps section

*  Michael Bixon, Israeli Electric Power Company (Hevrat Hashmal) – Power Generation section

*  Jim Brennan, (retired) Imo Pump (Colfax Pump Group) – Rotary Screw Pumps section

*  Charlie Cappellino, Goulds Pump – Centrifugal Pumps section

*  Scott Champlin, Pumping Solutions, Inc. – Pump Distributors section

*  Jim Coryell, Inpro Seals – Bearings & Lubrication section

*  Tom Day, Milton Roy – Metering Pumps section

*  Rasmus Dorrington, Colonial Pipeline – End User Perspectives

*  John Dunlap, Colonial Pipeline – End User Perspectives

*  Roy Forson, Imerys Performance Minerals – Bearings & Lubrication

*  Brian Geegan, RuhrPumpen – Vertical and Split Case Pumps section

*  Frank Huntington, John Crane Inc. - Mechanical Seals

*  Mike Koehane, VibrAlign – Vibrations & Alignment section

*  Jim Langley, Nikkiso Pumps – Seal-less (canned motor) Pumps section

*  John Martin, Safety Consultant – Safety section

*  Woody Nepa, Inpro Seals – Bearings & Lubrication section

*  Dan Pelon, Kontro Pumps (Sundyne Corporation) – Seal-less (mag-drive) Pumps section

*  John Petersen, Viking Pump (Idex) – Rotary Gear Pumps section

*  Pat Prayne, Goulds Pump – Centrifugal Pumps section

*  John Purcell, Roper Pump – Progressing Cavity Pumps section

*  Alexandra Ferretti, Pumps & Systems Magazine – Media section

*  Jim Siebolt, Allweiler (Colfax Pump Group) – Progressing Cavity Pumps section

*  Harry Urban, Water and Wastewater Digest magazine, Media sector

*  John VisotskyVibrations & Alignment section

*  John Waddington, City of Atlanta Water and Waste Water Treatment – Municipal Sector section

*  Steve Young, MRC/SKF Bearings – Bearings and Lubrication section

*  Merat Zareii, DeKalb County, Atlanta, Municipalities, Water and Wastewater Treatment section