2nd Pumps Hands-on Maintenance and Reliability Conference

 (PumpTec-2006) (click here to view photos from PumpTec-2006)

Sponsored by U.S. Technology Center of Pumping Machinery

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

September 21-22, 2006





· Training on a variety of pump types, styles and makes

· Just the facts: technical, a lot of hands-on, and busy

· See the pumps at the exhibits, attend seven hands-on training sessions

· Assemble pumps, learn pumps troubleshooting methods

· Equipment reliability improvement techniques and life extension

· Efficiency improvements and energy savings methods

· Gain new skills, and leave having gained real knowledge, ready to implement at your facility and in your career

· 1.6 Continual Education Units (CEU) and a Pump Training Certificate of Attendance


Program Objective: to provide Plant Maintenance, Reliability and Engineering professionals working with pumps with a “rapid-deployment” -  hands-on training exercises, specifically designed to reinforce pump theory, applications and pump repair and maintenance techniques. Industries involved: power generation, water and wastewater, chemical and petrochemical plants, hydrocarbon processing, paper mills, marine and navy, and general industries. Practical and pragmatic training for a pump novice, and an excellent refresher for the old-timers.


Hands-on Training Session #1, “End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps (sealed and seal-less)”: hands-on re-assembly of single-stage ANSI centrifugal pumps; performance testing of two small sealless pumps operating in parallel mode and plotting performance curves; design features evaluation, applications, troubleshooting methods. Overview of mechanical seals and packings; bearing failure modes (skidding, preload, overheating), lubrication methods (grease, oil sump, mist), and more

Dr. Lev Nelik, Pumping Machinery, LLC / Dave Flinton, ITT Goulds Pumps / Steve Young, MRC / SKF Bearings; Woody Nepa, Inpro Seals


Hands-on Training Session #2, “Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps”: 3-screw pumps, progressing cavity pumps, gear pumps: applications, design feature comparison and hands-on assembly work; viscous versus thin-fluid pumping; reliability and troubleshooting procedures

Jim Brennan, Jim Siebolt (IMO and Allweiler, Colfax Pump Group); and John Petersen, Viking (IDEX Pump Group)


Hands-on Training Session #3, “Vertical Pumps”: open versus enclosed lineshaft designs; repair techniques and upgrades; cavitation how to avoid it and what to do about it if you can’t; reassembly of a small vertical pump and importance of impeller-to-case lift clearance for larger units; reverse engineering your pump installations for maximum reliability; bearing design configurations and materials for maximum reliability in “difficult” applications; OEM parts versus duplicates; materials selection for problem avoidance; common problems with vertical turbine pumps and what to do about them; sump design and submergence / turbulence considerations; register fits and clearances, lateral clearances and wear rings; foundation design and vibration how to reduce

Pete Noll, Peerless/LaBour Pump


Hands-on Training Session #4 “Submersible Pumps, Instrumentation and Controls”: submersible versus surface-mounted pumps philosophy; waste treatment applications; rebuild methods; causes of failures and troubleshooting; seal failure detection; cooling jackets; motor condition; reliability; duplex stations and automatic overload prevention

Mike Gibbs, ITT FLYGT Pumps and Paul Hackett, Emotron, Inc


Hands-on Training Session #5, “Metering Pumps”: reassembly and replacement of pump heads; materials of construction; abrasive pumping; high pressure applications; accuracy and reliability; mechanical and fluid drive options

Tom Day, Milton Roy Americas

Company Profile: Milton Roy is the world's largest and oldest manufacturer of controlled volume (metering) pumps. Our comprehensive line of water treatment and chemical metering pumps sets the industry standard for performance, accuracy and durability.  Started by Milton Roy Sheen in 1936, Milton Roy Americas has concentrated its scientific, engineering and production resources on the development and manufacture of equipment that accurately controls fluid injection ranging from water to high viscosity polymers, corrosive or abrasive chemicals, toxic substances, and other difficult pumping media. Today more than 500,000 Milton Roy pumps are currently in service worldwide in a wide variety of applications requiring highly accurate blending, formulating or feeding of liquids.  Milton Roy's diversified product line includes specialty pumps, new chemical process technologies as well as metering pump system components.

Tom Day is Product Manager for the Mechanical, Hydraulic and Systems Division of Milton Roy Americas.   He holds BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is in the ABD stage of a PhD in Engineering Management.  He has over 20 years industry experience in the process industry with over 50 published papers and a textbook.  He is also currently responsible for new product development for instrumentation and control devices to complement metering pump technology.


Hands-On Training Session #6, “Split Case Centrifugal pumps (single and multistage)”: horizontally vs vertically split designs; barrel pumps for power plants boiler feed applications and pipeline applications; thrust balancing and bearing options; critical speed issues and ways to avoid trouble; reassembly of a small multistage segmental ring pump and review of impeller, diffuser/volute designs and cavitation/recirculation issues



Hands-On Training Session #7, “Mechanical Seals and Seal-Less Pumps: Mag-Drives and Canned Motor