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1st Pumps Hands-on Maintenance and Reliability Conference (PumpTec-2005)

September 22-23, 2006

Sponsored by U.S. Technology Center of Pumping Machinery

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Comments from the attendees:


"The investment and time was well worth it. Knowledge that was passed on to me will become my most valuable tool. It was truly a great conference. I was impressed with the technical sessions, and the exhibitors were helpful as well. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Pumping Machinery and Dr. Nelik for this"

Michael Stener, Shenandoah Apparatus, Georgia


"Time slots and days were well-planned. As a suggestion, attendees should also bring their pump issues for the presenters and exhibitors to research and help"

Gordon Kerchner, Canada


"Very good conference, packed with useful information. Enjoyed all sessions and exhibits. Well organized event"

Bob Bassett, Pinellas County Utilities, Florida


"Great conference - thanks!"

Hatem Kheir, Kheir Group, Egypt


"Excellent mix of pump types, theory is presented clear and simple to understand; hands-on was great"

Felix Cardona, Puerto-Rico


"Big thank you for all the efforts. I was a total novice, but each speaker was knowledgeable and well prepared. There was much information available! I had two colleagues with me - one had taken pumps apart, but it was years ago, and this hands-on refresher was very helpful."

Ralph Percival, CoorsTek, North Carolina



Welcome to PumpTec-2005 !


Dr. Lev Nelik, P.E., APICS

PumpTec Advisory Committee Chairman

Centrifugal Pumps Session:


Lev Nelik (Pumping Machinery, LLC)

Charlie Cappellino (Goulds Pump-ITT)

Steve Young (MRC / SKF Bearings)

Woody Nepa (Inpro Seals)

Positive Displacement Pumps Session:


Jim Brennan (IMO-Colfax)

Jim Siebolt (Allweiler-Colfax)

John Petersen (Viking-IDEX)

Submersible Pumps and Instrumentation Session:


Mike Gibbs (Flygt-ITT)

Paul Hackett (Imotron)

Metering Pumps Session:


Ken Gibson (Prominent)

Corry VanCassele (Pulsafeeder-IDEX)

Multistage Pumps Session:


Mike Greer (Sulzer Pumps)

John Kokoska (Flowserve)

Panel Discussion Session

Vertical Pumps Session: Pete Noll (Peerless Pump)

Thanks to the support staff !